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  • Overdriven is now the favorite for the 2012 Kentucky Derby.  Posted 2099 days ago
  • Winter Memories is running Sunday in the Lake George.Posted 2099 days ago
  • Del Mar has a Pick Six carryover of $240,000 for Wednesday. Posted 2099 days ago
  • First Dude has been retired due to a tendon injury. Posted 2099 days ago
  • Musket Man has been retired.Posted 2101 days ago
  • Royal Delta is favored in a field of five in the Coaching Club American Oaks at Saratoga.  Posted 2101 days ago
  • Monmouth and Penn National cancelled today because of the heat. Posted 2101 days ago

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What the Horse Racing Nation is talking about...

what's all of this crap? And what is this page link: http://staging.horseracingnation.com/horse/California_Chrome#comment-2799948969
  • MaryZinke via Disqus · Get a tech to FIX California Chrome's page. · 273 days ago
To Mike; Why in the world, would you think, that I'm not Thankful CC is still Racing ... ? How you could read that into anything I said, is ludicrous... The part you apparently failed to get, is the Media, though CC is no longer in the quest for the Triple Crown, they overlook what the Racing Public would like to see; More of CC's Works, his activities and to hear just how well he's doing.... Your reply, though you may have deemed it necessary, please read the post and if you don't understand it, read it again ... Then after reading it again, if you still don't understand it, by all means, I simply cannot help your understanding any further. It's the Media .... Now do you get it ...?
Meg Meyers ... You responded to my inquiry via HRN ... I live in Washington State... Quite a ways from LA .... What's more, I have horses, Race Horses and I do understand the Work Process. What I find so odd; Why doesn't one of the Horse Racing Media Publications, keep the public up to date on what CC is doing ... After all, if he had something negative, it's be on the circuit immediately. Keep us simple folks informed, after all, we've been following CC his entire career. The Good Times and the Bad ... We definitely support him ....
When you remember how few Thoroughbreds even make it to the races--much less ever win a single race--and what a TINY percentage of those horses ever win a SINGLE graded stakes race....it stands to reason that a horse that was a "clipped hoof" away from winning the TC...not to mention his other huge wins, including the Dubai race...is OBVIOUSLY a great horse, certainly in the top 50 of all time, and possibly a candidate (if he wins the Pacific Classic and BC Classic this year) to be in the all-time top 10!
  • marcos via Disqus · I'll go top 30, as much as I like the Chrome, can't do top 20. · 382 days ago
I get a kick out of the stupid add up top. LOL Anyway, SURE that was an easy race. READ WHY. It's a PREP race people. Art wanted to take the same route to the DWC as CURLIN did. With a prep race first IN Dubai and he chose the SAME handicap race Curlin was in and won. Chrome just ran the SAME race Curlin ran before he did the big Dubai World Cup race. Stop arguing about nothing. CC had to carry more weight than the others to run in that race, because he IS more advanced than the others. CC carried 132lbs. Of course he won it. Get a grip. THAT was simply a paid work out. Did you see him struggle near the end. NO. He's smooth as slilk and knows his job. got his job done. Victor let HIM do it after he got him placed coming around the FIRST turn. READ. That's what I saw on Video......and read.....same thing I just said. READ people. Watch some video's, Listen to what Art said. That was a PREP race. BUT he won. AND Dubai loves him. He has just as many fans in Dubai as America. Listen to his winner circle video. GO do some homework. I love Chrome and hope he has a great year. I've missed seeing him on the track win or lose. Do you know you Americans are the ONLY snobs when it comes to racing. YOU kill horses off if they don't WIN. In Europe they praise ALL THE HORSES in every race. Right down to the last one. A horse might win THAT one race but maybe not the next. Does NOT mean he or she is done. You people from the USA are so negative with your comments. Get a grip and praise ALL these wonderful Equine athletes. geez. GET a horse yourself and see how easy it is. LOL
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · r you a moron you are now posting this crap my post was a yr ago looks like you are the one who hasnt moved on . grow up · 419 days ago
I DONT THINK HES RUINED I JUST CANT SEE HIS OWNERS RUNNING HIM IN LOWER GRADED RACES his breeding isnt that specatacular and if he drops in class then ther goes his stallion carreer imo
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  • Pebbles via Disqus · Well fortunately you have absolutely no say in his future. Please keep betting against him too. We want the highest odds possible when we cash our Chrome tickets. · 467 days ago
  • Bev via Disqus · geez, why aren't you neigh sayers updated? His pedigree IS good. Is great actually come to find out. AND this was a PREP race , the SAME prep race Curlin ran before he ran the DWC. It's a PREP race. GET IT. LOL Doesn't matter who was in it or what the race was, It was for CHROME to get a race under his belt without draining him before the next race, DWC. P R E P race. prep race. one more time......PREP race. Was simply a PAID work out for him and of course he would win it. geezuz It's not about that money. NOT this race anyway. He's made over $6.5million. He's paying his way the whole way the last two years. So if he's as bad as YOU say, how the heck did he make THAT much money? LOL Why should he bust his gonads for YOU Mark. So what s your problem. LOL Don't COME to a Chrome article site then. Who cares what you think. I bet you're on high blood pressure meds just tracking down CC articles to smash. LOL Get a life.WE love him so there. :P · 419 days ago
Saw her break her maiden in a runaway at Charlestown early 70's
where is skipaslew?
MIKE MElVA, I honestly don't see how you view my comment as "trolling." Just because you don't like CA Chrome's owners. Steve had his opinion. Also, you are way off base with the parent basement theory.
Yes Glenn, its been that long since he RAN, BUT he was only out of training for 5 WEEKS
WinStar Farm’s Revolutionary, unhurried early, launched a bold bid outside the early leaders when set downRead More
During its fourth meeting on Thursday, The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) Board of Directors authorized NYRA management to enter into a contract with AmTote International, Inc. Read More
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